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Servers for new generation!

  • Isolated resources for your websites
  • Unlimited number of sites
  • The fault-tolerant cluster-based infrastructure CloudLinux
  • Larger disk space from 20 to 200 GB
  • Installing popular OS in 1 click
Linux-hosting Windows-hosting
What to choose?

Windows or Linux?

Linux-hosting – Powerful Raid 10 Servers

Windows-hosting - Specially Designed Servers to support Windows OS.

Disk Space
IP Address
Burst Ram
SSL Support
usd month
20 GB
512 MB
512 MB
2 TB
USA & Germany
usd month
35 GB
1024 MB
USA & Germany
usd month
50 GB
2048 MB
USA & Germany
Domain for free!
  • Select the domain in the zone  .COM, .NET or .EU
  • Pay for VPS for a period of 12 months
  • Write to us, what domain you chose

Included in all rates

  • Dedicated resources are isolated
  • Cluster cloud platform
  • Access to files and log-files via FTP
  • Access via SSH (shell)
  • Support for SSL-Certificate
  • Multi-function control panel
  • Technical Support 24/7/365
  • Guaranteed response time to support requests - 1:00

Additional services VPS

Additional Resources
IP-address 2 usd/ IP
SSL Certificate(per IP) 12 usd

Revolution in hosting - resources for your sites isolated!

On a normal hosting any problems with one of the sites created by increased load on the entire server, and it has a negative effect on job sites all Clients.
hosting a new generation of companies is based on NodeVPS OS CloudLinux, supports the technology LVE (Light Virtual Environment), which allows strictly isolate resources for each client. Therefore, you will consume server resources only in clearly defined limits corresponding to the selected tariff plan.
Now in case of problems with those of other clients, your websites will always work flawlessly.

Presence of insulation of each customer allows us not only to avoid problems with the load on the server, but also protect your site from neighbors who may be potential intruders, or have vulnerabilities on their websites.

More resources and websites - Unlimited!

Number of web sites, databases and disk size are perhaps the main characteristics of conventional tariffs hosters. At the same time on different server resources allocated roughly the same rates.
We believe that it is important not how many sites on your tariff, and how much server resources allocated. Therefore, for each tariff we allocate sufficient CPU and RAM to our clients' sites opened quickly.
Therefore NodeVPS, the higher the rate, the more resources and the number of sites is no longer limited.

Reliability, performance platform

We guarantee you a trouble-free operation of a site since all servers hosting Linux-based operating NodeVPS cloud CloudLinux OS and clustered, which can significantly increase the performance and fault tolerance. In case of failure of one of the servers, the load balancer automatically redistributes the load among the remaining servers.
use network storage for storing data files sites that connect to several web servers that handle requests to sites that makes it easy to solve the problem of scalability hosting. We just connect to the new server cluster, and they begin to work with any of the servers for data storage.

Our Standard Customer Support - 24/7/365

Support professionals are guaranteed to answer your question within 1 hour and will be happy to advise you on any of our services. You can reach us around the clock through the ticket system, by telephone or via feedback forms posted on this site. Large customers, we also provide a personal manager.

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