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NodeVPS Company provides hosting services. Today we offer a full range of services from traditional - hosted sites, email, location and rent servers - to advanced "cloud" services for business.

We help many companies and individuals to conduct their business in various industries. This is very interesting work and a big responsibility. Therefore on each of the services we are keeping high standards and the best solutions in the industry.

What exactly are we doing to comply with our standards?

We have servers colocated on several data centers -we fully control every minute of network and server infrastructure.

We choose only the most powerful and reliable equipment , because we know how important is for clients to keep high performance and smooth operation.

We care not only about business but also about the environment, data center uses "green" technology for climate control systems as well as server hardware which consumes less power and takes up less space.

For service management system we choose advanced software products . This allows us to deliver cutting-edge services requested before others and at a high level.

The most important thing are certainly the specialists. Our team has a different experience, but common interests. Professionalism of the staff is confirmed by numerous certificates Microsoft, Cisco. We believe that the company grows, when it grows people . Therefore, training and continuing beginners and experienced professionals.

It is important to listen, hear and help users quickly. So another one of our standard - Technical Support 24/7 and a guaranteed response within 1:00 .

Our attitude and experience valued major global brands, which gave us the status of the official partners. We have Gold competency in Hosting Solutions, which means providing hosting services to international standards .

We do a lot of hard work, and we like it.