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How long does VPS setup take?
Setup is instant upon receipt of payment unless we are out of stock.
Additional disk space is 10 GB
Additional disk space
Additional disk space is 10 GB minimum
How do I connect to my VPS?
  1. Run PuTTY, enter your VPS IP, and use port 22.
  2. A dialog window will open and tell you about a new key. Hit OK.
  3. Use the username "root" to log in.
  4. Use your root password for the password. Your password will be invisible as you type it.
  5. Once you log in, you can run various Linux commands to interact with your VPS.
How do I order more bandwidth?
Go to Services - Available Addons. Select the Addon and the VPS to which you want it applied, then complete your order. We will manually process your order as soon as we can.
What payment method do you accept?
Paypal, BitPay, VISA, Mastercard
Where is VPS located ?
Our servers are located in USA, France, Germany, Romania and Canada.
How Free Windows License works ?
Free Windows License is available only to VPS's. You can directly install Windows Server template and you're done !
What are the prices for IPs ?
1 US IP price is $3 || 10 US IPs price is $20 ; 1 German/France IP price is $6
Do you offer IPv6 ?

Every VPS* comes with one /64 subnet.

IPv6 subnet view:
  • Access SolusVM page.
  • Click Manage next to your VPS.
  • Click on Network tab.
  • Click the subnet link.

KVM VPS will require you to either manually edit the network settings within your VPS or use the Reconfigure option in order to use the new IPs. You will also need to set the netmask to 48 and your gateway and default route to the gateway IP listed in SolusVM.

If you receive the error message when adding IPv6 addresses, your IPv6 syntax is wrong. Use this IPv6 calculator: http://www.gestioip.net/cgi-bin/subnet_calculator.cgi
What hardware do you use ?
We use only high-end servers with quad core Processors and minimum 32Gb of RAM